Jordan XXIV concept


oh and XXIV is 24, and your "retetion system modules" say 23 but all together the shoe is really clean
Ill job man...Surprise to see you posting again...But I love that you did...I guess your not satisfied with your job still??..Ha...Love everything though and awsome that your still working on other projects...
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Where are you workin again?

The detail and process is truly impressive...great stuff as always!
I'm at Skechers right now...and happy with my job to whoever made that comment. LOL...but I still love doing some more creative stuff at home.

The B real? Not sure I am familiar with that. I suppose it does bear some resemblance to the B Loyal...though I never realized it til now. This project is almost a year old, but just got around to finishing up and posting not supposed to be like the B Loyal, no, but I see the connection. Thanks for the comments!
Really nice
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damn thats nice!!!
but am i the only 1 that thinks it looks a lil bit like a pair of lebron 3s from the side?
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I dont have anythin to say....
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WOW.. i am super impressed. coming from an architectural background, hands down that is one hot design you have created.

every detail has been thought of and executed perfectly.
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the 23 is for Jordan's number

gotcha... i was trying to figure it out.

I also like how the backs are kinda like the XVIII's how they had those 9 squares on back that added to 18 and well your 12 on both to 24 add's an amazing touch

There's actually 24 on each heel and the internal sock has perfed 3M on the heel so it reflects from behind the ventilation portals..
nice job, i like all those sketch and stuff, but i dont like the shoes, its too plain. make something like ispired by a tank or something. hahaaha! nice job do!
WOW!!! i am real impressed!!! that's the kind of stuff i want to do sometime in the future, all of these complex and thorough shoe designs that go into deep detail....
you make me want to design better man :smile:
JB needs to hire you. GREAT CONCEPT! Amazing pictures. Nice ideas man, I'm really feelin them. Your work is much appreciated. You should send in your work to JB to see what they say. Most likely nothing will happen, but you never know...
I wouldn't be surprised if jb jacked u. Those are great and are a lot better the xxii
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