Jordunk's In Chicago

Sep 7, 2006
Does anyone know where you can find the Jordunk 1's or the Jordunk 4's in Chicago? I just picked up the black/grey 3's for 70 and am loving them. I need another Jordunk.
Don't live in Chi but I thought I heard Leaders was getting all those. Maybe the new Belmont location?
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city sports on Milwaukee. I dont think they had that many sizes, but for store info, look in the Chicago apparel guide.
zzz1035 you hsoudl watch out for that shop. Not to put em on blast but sometimes I go in there and see fakes. Call up to Status in Mpls I think they still havea few 612-824-3100.
DrFunk 5118 i have no clue what you were looking at but everything was legit to me from there i copped my jordunks from there the blue and whites. what shoes have u seen that were variant, and was this lately.
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this was back in november. I saw a pair of the threes in the original colorway and they weren't even that great of a knock. Trust me I know my J's and these were a bit off. I'm not tryin to hate and I'm sure that there were real deals in there but I did see soemthings that weren't kosher, right??
Oh @#%$!!! YO I"M SO SORRY!!! I MISREAD I WAS THINKING TONY'S SPORTS hahaha SORRY SORRY SORRY. CITY SPORTS IS COOL. MY FAULT I'm as @#%$. Sorry ya'll for the bad info! God I feel dumb. @#%$. oh well it happens life goes on.....
Donjuan. you guys wouldn't be getting any more shipments soon would you? Also, how long have you had cause I know for these dunks there is no exact release date?
leaders is on 44th and cottage u cant miss it.
check out my ebay auctions seller name is qom01 good stuff 10.5-12
anybody know where i can find those Jordan IV dunks?

i looked at all my regulars (all those stores down Milwaukee ave) and none of them ever got any

thanks in advance for the heads up

good looking out Xknurdssip, thanks for the heads up about that UO. i finally got my hands on those black IV jordunks on to the white IVs in March and those VIIIs in April (?)

Jordunks are everywhere
Check out Untitled on Clark - I believe they have FSR of the IV there for $80
urban outfitters at the woodfield mall in schaumburg has the black IVs, the black IIIs.....and the white 2's as of thursday of last week. didnt check the sizes, tho.
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Good news for some... Urban Outfitters in Oakbrook and Woodfield both had the VI Dunks as well as Black IV's. I don't know quantities at Woodfield but Oakbrook had a decent amount of VI's, very few black IV's, and one pair of white III's (size 9 or 9.5 if I remember correctly). Woodfield had the black III's on display as well. Both stores are charging $85.00 for all of them.

Woodfield also had the obsidian/rainbow (not sure of the exact colorway) dunks on sale for $25 (half off orange tag sale).

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