June 2007: Post Your SB's

Jun 9, 2007
Well guyz/girlz you got ne sb's? Well we wanna see em' . Whatever color, size, style, price, IT DOESN'T MATTER. WE just want to see them.

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^^^ but you have mad dunks
looking for DS size 10-10.5

- kashima antler am 97's
- hawaii sb's
- pushead sb's
- raygun sb's
^Keep telling everyone that...

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eh... since it was recent...

looking for DS size 10-10.5

- kashima antler am 97's
- hawaii sb's
- pushead sb's
- raygun sb's
These are the few pair i have right now. I still want a pair of Orange Supremes, Unkles and Heinekens.

^rayguns.......I always cry whenever I'm reminded that I sold my only pair and havent gotten another at the price i got it for..........
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Nike SB's - do these count ?

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not just size 11 or 11.5, but says sz 8 also.
References: In the Profile......
AF1 ID PW: $10+ppfee
High Priority Looking For: AF1 HK sz8 DS or 1-2x worn with Box
how do the zoom tre's Fit?
i've been thinking about investing

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that pic makes me want some black melvins. =[
<-- Paul Rodriguez. Insane.

God talk to me now; this is an emergency !
Man...this kid started like 10 thread without posting any pics....and you should see his "dunks" :x
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SBs are played...the only good ones were in the brown/orange boxes and the silver ones. I know a good ammount of kids can't fathom anything prior to the Tiffany dunk :x
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