junebugs are

Joined Sep 10, 2011
top 5, maybe even top 3 most annoying insects in the world.

these things man :smh:

give no dambz when they sneak into the crib. flying around, crashing into you and ****. **** man.

if ya'll dont know

now ya know
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Joined Sep 16, 2003
Just looked up june bug, had no idea that's what they were called. I hate when they run into my glasses.

Seen fireflies here for the first time since I was a kid. Kinda cool.
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Joined Jun 1, 2005
When I'm not home I leave one light in my house on that happens to get extremely hot. They all fly into it and die. That is the only reason I leave the light on.
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Uggggghhh.... I hate those things. They are big, fly at your head/hair and they hiss at you when you mess with them.

Both brown and green in CA I usually saw the green during the day and brown when the sun was setting. Haha, childhood nightmare. I hated it more when they'd get in your house and crash into the walls and lights... And did I mention your head.
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Joined Apr 26, 2008
I was leaving my apartment last night and three crashed into my face.
Hate those things.
Joined Oct 4, 2010
I thought I wouldn't see them ***** again once I got stationed overseas. I was wrong, them damn things are bigger over here.
Joined Jul 16, 2001
June bugs are the reason I don't believe in Darwinism. They are the stupidest things ever. If they roll over on their backs, they die.
Joined Apr 26, 2008
Be thankful you dont know about gnats :smh:
Gnats are the most annoying things on Earth.
My roommate is nasty as **** and we had them everywhere cause he wouldn't clean up the kitchen or his room with food.
I made a trap using apple cider vinegar, went home for 2 weeks and came back with like 100 gnats caught between two bottles.
The traps are still in the kitchen. I would post pics but it's :x to even look at. Oh well, 1 more month and I'm out.
Joined Feb 18, 2013
Naw brehz.. Them damn carpenter bees full of **** they wait cant eemm chill on the patio yo grill without the flying through the air like mj sick of the ****...


Joined Dec 2, 2009
I remember riding my scooter one time with one n it flew infront of me n fell n I ran him over...so hard to tie dem up too..
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