Just For Kicks-Free Screening

Jul 8, 2003

"Where: Harvard Exit Theatre, 807 E. Roy Street, Seattle
When: October 23rd @ 7 PM

Welcome reception with music provided by DJ SCENE
Q&A with Just For Kicks' Director Thierry Daher
Cocktail reception following the screening

Early Arrival is suggested as space is limited"

Must rsvp, click here to do so

i havent seen the movie yet but hey its free. leanord, derick, BFO, bigben, anyone down? ill bring the 151
sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!

Although I own the DVD as many of you shoeheads probably do too...this would be a good time to get together with other sneaker afficianados and old friends to catch up on the shoeworld and drink up all of New5en5e's bacardi.
^you down bro? lets get everyone together. make a night of it...oh yeah ima text you my new number righhhhhhhhhhhht.... now
sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!
I WANNA GO!!!! too bad i get off work at 8, and have class in the morning.... :\

m Friends With Benefits

can i have ur new number too you bum?

btw i dont know if its just me but the link isnt working for me.


good looks on the link kuya frankie. i figured it out but forgot to up the link. see ya'll there.

- J
It's KICK COLLECTA. Not Keeko.
ill be there and Ray, you should sell me those 13's you have on ebay.
sell me your AF1 lows in sz 13!!!
i forgot to take pics i left my camera in the car, but yea it was pretty cool, free popcorn and drinks...and barely anyone stayed for the Q and As.....but yooo free scion crap!! copped like 4 messenger bags with matchin hats n pens lol
It was dope. The vibe was nice, and people were chill. But like the poster above me said, aside from the free giveaways you can't
go wrong with free beer and popcorn. I've seen the movie before, but for the most part chillin' with familiar faces and interacting with
new faces made it worthwhile.

Representing the North Seattle area
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