Just got into vegas

May 4, 2006
Just got here right now, staying at the MGM Signature off of Harmon.

Anyone know where the closest grocery store is? Also need to get some other stuff at other places..

Some stuff I need to pickup are like flowers, bubble bath stuff, whip cream, dvds.....there's more but I can't Is there a best buy near by, or frys?

I'll look for the vegas shopping guide in a bit but I prob wont be doin that till later in the week. I'll be here for 6 days.

Anyone got suggestions for romantic type of stuff? I'm here with my girl but i'll be meeting up with her later tonite.
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I live in Vegas and since you are being so sweet and making @#%$ special for your girl then I'm gonna hook you up.

There is a fry's on the 215 by the airport, not far from the strip.
There is a best buy up in summerlin on charleston and 215, and another one on Laske mead and rainbow, off of the 95.

If you want some romantic type stuff dont go to the gross adult superstores, there is a place called The Deja Vu Love Boutique......it just opened and its really clean and nice and its where all the chicks I know get romantic stuff for their men, and costumes and stuff (thats where I got my halloween costumes from)......

There is a CVS or something like that behind the MGM on koval or harmon or somthing...but those arent the best so let me know if you have a car and I'll tell you all the spots to hit up.

Where are you visiting from?
Thanks, I found the best buy last night and picked up some dvds. Went to that cvs last night as I was walking around, prices were markedup like hell but I expected that. I'll look for the boutique.

I drove up from Los Angeles so I have a car and can drive around to different spots.

well I'm a girl so I think its sweet you are trying to make the night special for her, so I will help you out as much as possible. Deja Vu Boutique is on trop by the orleans and the budget suites....but hit me up on pm if you need any more info....I can recommend some restaurants or whatever just let me know what you need. Good luck with everything!!
Anywhere that might have the grapes?

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wait, the store on trop near the orleans is the adult superstore. not the deja vu love boutique. the boutique is located on industrial and fashion show drive, next to the club and the mall. theres a vons on trop and maryland close to the mgm, caution because its ghetto out there. any other info that you need i got ur back. i hope you have a good time with ur girl out here
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