just got my first speeding ticket

Depending on if you have extra time on your hands you should probably roll with defensive driving. but......

I've gotten numerous speeding tickets, no seat belt, not obeying street signs and just paid em.... I said I was going to do defensive driving on the firstticket until I found out you had to pay for it and that it was like 6 hrs smh. I had a lot more important things to do and I eventually forgot to even do it.
Someone told me if you pay double the fine you insurance doesn't go up but I'm not sure if that's in every state. I've only ever got a ticketfor a no-seatbelt in someone else's whip. 60$
i went to defensive driving school (traffic school) where i live mon-fri its 9-5. and sat, sun is 8-1 i went to the sat one, the teacher was cool and let usout at 12.

idk how its like where you live.

its like $60 for the class and didnt go on my record. but i dont get the option for traffic school for another 2 years.
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