Just moved to LA from Houston. Whats good LA heads

May 24, 2002
Sup Nters,
I just moved to LA and i was wondering if you guys could put me up on all the hot spots in LA or what to do in LA. Im talkin bout clubs, bars, restraunts, malls, stores. Just about anything thats poppin in LA. If anyone could help me out that would be great.
where exactly in LA would be a good start. we'll take it from there.

welcome to the city of angels my dude
I stay in the downtown los angeles area near staples center. where all the fine women at and best places. Any help la nters
^ this guy :smh:
alright since nobody gave u any answeres ill try and help. I live in Downtown myself..

here in Downtown u should go check the Fashion District and all the alley shops.. there is hella fugazi items but its still worth the drive... u can get certain things pretty damn cheap. You should be able to find the fashion district pretty easy.

I live over by Little Tokyo and there is some cool stuff around here, late night food spots, Rif (sneaker consignment store), and more...

you are obviously gonna wanna check out Melrose, if ur new to town definitely swing by on on nice weekend day
and there will no dount be good looking females everywhere.

Beverly Center, The Grove, Fox Hills, Hollywood & Highland, 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica
& the Glendale Galleria are all malls that are worth checking out and there will defintely be a lot of girls at each one respectively.

The Slauson Supermall is also something that is worth checking out.

Clubs, Hollywood Blvd and surrounding areas are your best bet. There is some stuff off of the Sunset strip and La Ciennaga (privledge , area etc..) as well but Hollywood is more like the epicenter for LA partying. once u start there im sure u will find out more as u are more familliar with everything out here.

Silver lake is a cool neighborhood to check out.

on La Brea south of Melrose is Undftd, Union & Stussy (and american rag amongst others) that might be something u may wanna check out and then a few blocks west on Fairfax is the new little shopping area with stores like Supreme, Flight Club, The Hundreds, Diamond, Alife, Hall Of Fame Fitted store, there is a Turntable Lab there and a store called SLB all worth checking out at least once i suppose.

amyways i hope this helps in some way. also there is a dope little store called Blends here in Downtown that is good for Sneakers as well, and a store called Lions Den in chinatown that is also pretty dope.

have fun out here

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There's also Reserve (Freshjive store) on Fairfax. Check out El Mercado on Pico between Fairfax n La Brea. Santa Monica has Active, Fred Segal, Undefeated, and Rogue Status.
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Stussy,Union and Undefeated on La brea and like 1st street and buffalo exchange
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