Jul 22, 2006
For all you beasts.
oki-ni is getting them, pre-order for 199pounds = about 400 usd and shipping.
sizes us9-12 i think...

too rich for my blood/.
SEE PROFILE: AJ RETRO SALE all sz7.5, near retail + SHIP!!!!!!
FS: Opium180 sz13 $110, HOA AM1 sz10 pm me, '03Cement3s9.5 $150noboxVNDS , Mili4 and 3MGBean V sz 12 pm/im me
References: In the Profile......
High Priority Looking For: AF1 HK sz8 DS or 1-2x worn with Box
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too rich for my blood
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$400? :lol:

..with so much personality,
what do you want from me?
i could be by myself and enjoy the company..
but i'd ratherher
$400? Seriously $400? How much would they cost if they were really hot
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damn $400 for those??? I'd rather buy myself a LV purse then wear those

atleast Pharrell brought something to the table with Ice Creams, hate them or love them
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damn 400, no thanks but not like I would wear them anyway
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these shoes are definitely not worth $400. it just doesnt work like this. the shoe have to be either ugly or expensive. it cant be both.
The shoe in japan $200-$250. But its a custom order. So when you go to buy on they do the measurement's and it takes about about a week for them to be made. So Oki-Ni must be mass ordering them and jacking up the price. and These aren't by Kanye West
he just wears them.
Resellers, rejoice! I could see beats dropping more than 400 for these...flip em on E-bay
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Li-ning makes better quality kicks then those
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i can get these hehehe and not for $400, kill it!

I'm still thinking about it, I like them, most think they're hideous, I for one think they look pretty dope.

NO one can say they would have liked them even if Kanye or Omarion never wore them, its just a pretty dope shoe IMO

that entire Jordan 1 or Nike Dunk sole with combo (straps, not like CRs!) just looks very appealing :smile:

FS 8 pairs of Jordans size 4.5-6!
FS OG Grapes size 9.5
FS DS Solebar 777 AF1s size 11.5
where can i find these online? i searched google but couldnt find anything on them.

T R A N S F O R M E R S​
Wouldn't pay more than 150
But Until then, I'ma shine to the last sin
Resurrect through the birth of my son, and live again....
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