Kardinal Offishall signs with AKON

i thought he was repping konvict for a bit now?, never heard anything official though
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im surprised, never really expected that but good for Kardi.
I remembered seeing something on Wikipedia about him being on Konvict a while ago. I guess it's official now.
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Kind of old news but yeah they've been working on his album for a minute now from what I remember people he's working with are T-Pain, Akon, Lil' Wayne, Stat Quo, Alchemist, The Clipse.
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ya i was screamin konvict at rock the bells, when kardi came out.....people were lookin at me funny.... also akon was on shade 45 like 3-4 months ago talkin about signing kardi and how kardi is not just gonna do remixes and sit on the shelf..... hes gonna get brand new beats and really focus on kardi's project
great for kardi...i thought his most recent album was pretty good but never got the love or recognition he deserved for it

i guess we won't be seein kardi as often anymore around tdot...like at nike events, gdft parties, sneaker pimps, etc. probably spend more time in the states now, no?
I guess they just made it officially official to the public + dotted the i's and crossed the t's..

He probably didnt sign with Roc La Familia cuz it was probably a "slave" deal on the table (ie. Tru Life, Noreaga)

Im sure he'll get a lot more attention and proper promotion with Akon's Konvict Music..

It seems like really good fit for Kardi, because Akon has the same international flavour and he knows how to integrate it to the American market.

Good news for Kardi.

It was just a matter of time IMO
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That's good for Kardi still. What kind of deal did he have last year, was it Violator?
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This was just made official? I heard about this at the beginning of the new year..

Anyways, this is really good news for Kardi, as well as Canada. I think he has the charisma and talent to blow up internationally.
Its about time. I always liked Kardi as an artist but when he dropped the Kill Bill mixed cd I was thoroughly convinced of his talent. I remember when Clark Kent was on flow with Bobbito he was bigging up Kardi like crazy. Like I said, its about time!!! The masses have slept on Kardi for too long...
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