KAWS 90s on Shoetrends

Joined Apr 8, 2006
Dang I tried scooping up a pair but was too late. Its a good thing the resell aint that good. I might actually be able to get a pair.
Joined Sep 21, 2006
TAK gave me the heads up , I had to pass . Not an AM90 man .
Originally Posted by that WAVE

damn missed out...wish there was a way to tell when they put stuff up

I agree man I agree . I wish they had a way of telling when they put NEW shoes up . They need an upgrade to the site .
Joined Dec 3, 2006
Got my 13 the other day...

not 100% if I'll keep em though. Couldnt pass on that price.
Joined Mar 20, 2001
I passed. Had to think about it for sec. I was tempted to cop & flip but figured 1.) not worth the hassle and b.) leave it for the next cat who mightactually want them. I'm still holding out for the black joints for a reasonable price.
Joined May 25, 2008
Originally Posted by s dubl

Got my 13 the other day...

not 100% if I'll keep em though. Couldnt pass on that price.
same here...im sure they look much better in person but they'll get dirty quick


Joined Mar 20, 2002
Originally Posted by Redrum SB

Originally Posted by andfattoo

They need to get the AM 2009s on shoetrends.com
Word, if they would get the volt pair I would cop with no question.
I've been e-stalking shoetrends for the past week b/c of the 2009's. I need another pair of Volts for a reasonable price.
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