KICKS 2007 magazine in Canada?

^ Yeah. MJ's on the cover as well. Old picture too. He still got hair in the picture. :lol:
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Hey dimsum1...two questions:

where did your friend get it? I checked indigo/chapters and random convenient stores and no avail...

other question...what ever happened to your sz11 AJ XIII blk/red? We were talking earlier in the summer about it but you were busy and you said you was gettin back to me...holla back
got mine at square one today at that news stand on the first floor near pro image they had that and sole collector
check out my blog unds'ed/
^ Passed by Indigo E.C. they have it...
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i picked up mine in shoppers
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chapters at bayview village has it
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they have Kicks at wal-mart also...
feature on MJ is decent, but if you read Driven from Within then ur better off not reading it... it was like some weird deja vu while reading it
I finally picked it up. It's not all that interesting to read in terms of materials covered. Compared with older KICKS, there is less to read.

Anyways, I find that most magazines do that these days because most information can be found on the internet. Mostly the editor will say, "refer to for more pics/info/etc.".
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