Killa Cam Is Back Nov 7, Public Enemy #1

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Cam'ron Is Public Enemy #1 Again With Upcoming Mixtape, Online Video

Elusive Dipset MC launches new MySpace page to preview tracks from November 7 tape.

By Shaheem Reid and Rahman Dukes

Cam'ron's comeback officially has a release date. On Wednesday morning (October 24), he exclusively revealed to MTV News that his mixtape, Public Enemy #1, will be out November 7.

"Killa Season again, you little yentas," Cam said in an e-mail to MTV News, referencing his 2006 album. "November 7th. Cam'ron is anonymous. Dipset!"

Cam has also just launched Killa Cam Space on MySpace to promote the mixtape. On the site, you'll soon find exclusive music from Public Enemy #1, like the song "Glitter," which he previewed for MTV News. It's all about the flamboyant Harlemite flossin'.

There's also a new video he sent to MTV, which starts out with various clips of news outlets talking about Cam's infamous "Stop Snitchin' " campaign, including his appearance on Bill O'Reilly's "The O'Reilly Factor." From there it goes to different shots of 'hood paparazzi running up on Cam (similar to the online video that surfaced last week). It ends curiously with Killa in a graveyard and the music from the theme of "The A-Team" playing. The screen goes black as the words "Public Enemy #1, Free Double CD, November 7th" appear.

Cam is still a musical free agent and shopping around to find his next record deal. Production is almost complete on his upcoming album, which doesn't have a title yet.

Where's Cam ? The Video

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at his myspace page.

can't pay people to do the HTML for him, so he uses the same @#%$ that we use :lol:

Quote:[hr][/hr] I wanted to be the first to decide if I was going to suck it or not.

Much Love

Killa [hr][/hr]

star time

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So all of that spottin' Cam in the hood wit' the Stratus & everything was all orchestrated by Cam himself huh? This guy never ceases to amaze me. I'm lookin' forward to the mixtape now....

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@ the video he wylin

@ his face at the beginning & in the cemetary

my son back :pimp:

@ callete i hope the cdq version is on public enemy.. i remember gettin head in the whip to this from a spanish broad :pimp:

shorty @#%$ was od.. thats the type i dont even F with
[hr][/hr]HeNz $
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Will MTV give any rapper an outlet? Will they speak to anyone?

As good/famous as Cam was or is Im actually surprised he can stir up this much publicity, is he really tryin to steal Ol Man Jigga's thunder? :lol:

This should be more than intresting I sense a comedy, Cam at it again.

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What in the hell did I just watch?

Why that n' walkin' round lookin' like General MacArthur?


I will redeem myself.
I have to.
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hahahahah son is crazy :pimp:
"So have a seat, this gon' be a masterpiece, I have ta' beef, he look like a GORILLA wit' rabbit teeth"
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Seen it like a 27 inch Zenith

Quote:[hr][/hr]If it's not, that looks just like him right there . It strikes me as something Cam'ron would put out for some reason. They're going to follow the Taraus, Cam's gonna be spotted here and here, back to the block here, drug spot here...then it'll get into a new song or something. Just my feeling for some reason. Maybe not. It's not like he doesn't know people think he's "missing" so it'd be smart to play on it when he comes back.[hr][/hr]
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Quote:[hr][/hr] @ callete i hope the cdq version is on public enemy.. i remember gettin head in the whip to this from a spanish broad[hr][/hr]

its gonna be a hot fall
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Oh boy killa's back I can't wait nov 7 ima get 2 copies
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killa's back!! :lol:

can't wait for that mixtape

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