King Kickz Legit?

Joined Aug 1, 2011
I checked the legit websites sticky but couldnt see king kickz on their and people have said in the past that they were legit but i have concerns.  I ordered some CG on the 22nd of july and i still havent got them yet the tracking code that they sent me doesnt even work.  You think its time too lay the law hammer on them ? Or should i wait a couple more days and they haven't responded too my emails lately.
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You ordered them on Jul22 & are only now just concerned? I would have been on top of this back in August personally. If you paid via paypal it's too late for a claim. If you used a credit card to fund your paypal you could try to recoup from your credit card company.
If none of that works and you know the sellers address you can contact their local police and file a report. Just make sure you have any documentation that supports your claim in hand
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