Kobe 2's for outdoor?

Dec 23, 1999
Has anyone played in the AZK2's (either the Ultimates or the Strengths) outdoors? I balled in the AZK1's last summer, and they only lasted me a grand total of 12 games on an outdoor court before I wore through the outsole in the heels of both shoes, exposing the midsoles. I tried on both the Ultimates and the Strengths, and they feel great comfortwise, but I'm wondering how they'll hold up outdoors. Any thoughts?

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I ball in my Ultimates and they are perfect so far. The traction is ridiculously good and the outsole is like new considering the fact that I've played outdoors for 20 games.
WHat kind of surface do you play on ? I play outdoor but the surface is very nice , almost like a tennis court , therefore most of my shoes last pretty long.
i dont think they will last on the blacktop, unless like kenji said, you need smooth clean surface, otherwise they will crap out quick (crappy school nearby my house has horrible blacktops) ruined my Jordan 17 playing on that after having them in perfect condition for a number of years (when i was still in college and playing indoors)
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