kobe II vs. nike zoom lebron soldier

Aug 18, 2006
ok so i'm looking for a bball shoe for the summer leagure coming up. I was either going to get the kobe II or the soldiers. I am a point guard/shooting guard. just wondering if anyone could give me a little help on which shoe would be better for me. its the all white kobes or the new all green lebrons. didnt know if the color made a difference??
well if you are playing outdoors then go with the soldiers.

go to one of your local stores and try on both to see which one suits your likings (weight, shoe shape, comfort, cushioning set up, etc.) then make your decision.

i tried on the kobe 2s and they felt flat on the bottom like there was no support so i went with the soldiers.
It depends on your personal taste. As mt3130 said, for outdoors pick the soldiers since they are made for that reason and they will definitely last! To make things easier let's do a comparison (IMO):

Traction: Soldiers 10---ZK2 9.5
Durability: Soldiers 10---ZK2 8.5
Cushioning: Soldiers 9---ZK2 U 9---ZK2 St 10
Ankle Support: Soldiers 9---ZK2 U 9.5---ZK2 St 9
Ventilation: Soldiers 9---ZK2 U 9.5---ZK2 St 9
Comfort/Fit: Soldiers 9.5---ZK2 U 9.5---ZK2 St 9

Feel free to ask anything you want.
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