Kobe index finger

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How long is this going to take to heal? If  I'm not mistaking this happen way back in December. Thought it was going to take 2 months to heal. Granted he's still playing with it, maybe that's why it hasn't healed yet?
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Im not sure of the time frame, but the fact he's been playing with it non stop will probably slow it down.
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I am sure the reason he hasn't healed is because he keeps playing and re-injuring it. If I am not mistaken there was also ligament damage along with the break so that also takes time. Every time it gets hit when he goes up for a shot it's like he has to start over so I would imagine it's not going to heal this season.
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Also, he's playing the World games this summer, so in reality, it looks like that index finger will never get a rest.


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If only there was a Lakers season thread to ask this question in.....
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Originally Posted by Lakersfan1

im pretty sure its fractured and he needs surgery on it

It does. That thing he's wearing looks like a soft cast but if you constantly catch passes and rebound and swipe at the ball or get hit...I dont know how he gets through a quater let alone a whole game. Cortizone in gallons
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I still don't understand why the team wouldn't make him have the surgery. It happened months ago, if he had the surgery he would have been healthy for the playoffs. Lakers are still a top 4 team in the West, and could beat any team with/without home court. Kobe is just a crazy person.
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