Joined Aug 7, 2001
I'm gonna be in the city for my brother's graduation from NYU this weekend, I was wondering if someone could tell me where (if?) I can find some Kobe Strengths in 11.5. I would normally be willing to look around, but I'm only in town for 1 night and I'd really like to cop these.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Joined Feb 9, 2005
Sorry I'm no help, but I'm glad to know NYU graduation is soon, Best part of the summer around my way is no more NYU kids crowding everywhere...
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Joined Oct 23, 2004
the Spiz'ike true blue can be found in sunset park brooklyn..dats if u want to go down there ..but theres pairs in ure size in JIMMYS 54th n 5av brooklyn ny ...
Joined Aug 7, 2001
Thanks a lot for the help. Any info on the Kobe Strengths? These are frustrating me to no end...I can't find them anywhere...
Joined Jul 25, 2004
i'm also wondering if there are any strengths in NYC.
also, i know it's unlikely but are there any laser 2K4s still around NYC?
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