Kyrie 6

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Weird symbolism all over them. It’s gotten to the point where it’s way overdone. Taking over the actual design of the silhouette. Everything on these is probably some tie in to “the truth” and “selflessness” or the “third eye” etc etc
Yeah it’s very lame. I’ve really soured on Kyrie. He used to be one of my favorite players in Cleveland, but ever since the flat earth comments it’s all gone downhill.
Wins a ring but b!tches about Lebron getting most of the attention
Goes to Boston to try and be a leader and throws the young guys under the bus, admitted to not trying last year, and leaves because it was too hard.
Now Nike wants to embrace his stupidity with his trying to sound smart thoughts. :rolleyes
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Really feeling the Kyrie 6. I actually plan on picking up a pair with the least symbolism. Definitely not that “Grand Purple” with that evil looking eye on the side :lol: even it wasn’t there I wouldn’t pick those up. Nike usually delivers with Kyrie colorways so I’m sure it’ll be something I like.
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Zoom turbo forefoot. Another strap.same collar height. Same sorta curved outsole..two little fly fire forefoot pieces. Just not seeing any progression.
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Like what I'm seeing so far.

Those purples...I actually have a similar eyeball tattoo in the middle of my back. Except mine has a clawed hand tearing out of the skin as well.
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I'll try to find a pic.

I have about 9 tattoos that I got when I was 18. It's hilarious how you can see the progression from 1-9 based on how much they suck. Wasn't the artist's fault, I brought him the art and said "gimme this."

The eyeball doesn't suck, though.
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Kids here in NYC/Bklyn are gonna eat these up. Release at least four Nets colorways, some wild colorways, etc. and boom you got a hit.

Personally I am passing. I know that strap will not cover my feet.
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Finallly got a release date.

Nike Kyrie 6
Color: N/A
Style Code: N/A
Release Date: Friday, November 22nd, 2019

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