L/c Og Breds

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Like Sir Charles so aptly put it "Dem Mofos are Turrrrble..."
Tell your "boy" to seriously take that outback and put it out of its misery.
And notice how he wouldn't show a shot from the front with the laces and whatnot?
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How come the jumpman logo is reversed on the left shoe?
Can't tell if srs?
The og's had the jumpman facing forward .
These are legit. The carbon is on point, the nice PL with the white line is where it's at! That's the quality PL!
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That "carbon fiber" got me wondering, but hey, go right ahead if you wish.
The carbon fiber has a lighter shade of grey (almost looks white) on the OG black and red XIs. Also, the surface doesn't look as rough as the retro pairs.
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those look good and unless your Jams are from 2000 and are DS id get those OG black/reds in a heart beat but they are one of my grails so my thirst might be higher than your love for the Jams
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Those are legit. The carbon fiber on the OG 11's is supposed to look like it's almost painted on. I have some OG Columbias and the Carbon Fiber and everything else definitely check out.
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Ight thanks guys I was just skeptic but would it still be a good trade if they had a little sole sep ?
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