Laced Up opening in Capitol Hill

^Went in and copped some kicks, they have creative reaction mainly in shoes and undercrown. Clean store and cool staff.
^ what shoes did they have??
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damn they are open already??? i was there last week and looked throught the posters on the window and it was empty.... just some shelves... i guess i'll go tommorrow
Gonna take a trip there soon.. :nerd:
No I didn't, just came back from making the rounds.

Winners Circle, Goods, Laced Up and so on.

Store looks real nice, I like the layout, the folks inside were mad cool, the CR kicks are dope, and they had some nice clothes. They are having a grand opening that everyone should make it out to, its up to us to support these shops that cater to us, so if you can make a showing and support this local scene that is blossoming.
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The more the merrier!

Jake- I will call you tomorrow about Friday night plans. We're down to partay although we gots work in da mornin.

TonyT-Saw you on the RSVP list. Derrick & I will see you there.

has anyone seen magsXL?
im hoping to check out the place tomorrow...
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BFO and i went to the shop, but not to the Venom party.

Was good to see some old friends and some people i havent seen in what seems like years. And you cant really argue with free heineken.

The shop is cool, ill def check it out when im in the area and the people seemed real cool as well.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.
shop was cool and people were nice, want to see what other kinds of stuff they will be getting.
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so today in The Daily (UW newspaper) there was a feature areticle on this store...apparently one of the owners is a UW alumni. gotta go check it out sometime...sounds nice

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