Laptop fell apart smh

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So the screen part of my laptop just fell apart...Can I get it fixed or do I have to buy a new laptop? the screws fell out and I have to sit it against the wall in order for it to stay up.
I'm typing this from my laptop, so it obviously still works.
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Originally Posted by letsgetit22

where do I have to go to get it fixed?
Try a laptop/computer repair shop. They have all those small tools to get into those tricky places on computers so I'm sure they'd have something to fix that. Just check one of those spots out it couldnt hurt to find out
Joined Mar 26, 2009
Originally Posted by Crumbs

how did this even happen
A few months back I closed my laptop and didn't pay attention to my pillow being on the keyboard, so when I closed it the right henge cracked ( I know I should've got it fixed) and as time passed eventually the screw came out on the right side so now today it finally gave and the left henge just broke.

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