LAPTOP on the edge..... vol. where are my geeksquad NT'ers

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so my laptop loads and what not, no login screen, just black. i see my cursor and the screen saver still works.

wth do i do?

i tried going in safe mode and what not and nothing is working. am i SOL?
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try :

powering down the system, but while doing this hold down the power button for a good 20-30sec

then take the battery out and hold the power button down again ... once all that down put battery back and power up see if that work.

what this is doing just reseting all voltage to the comp you HD might be messing up ...
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Originally Posted by TeemOhtee

whos that in your avy op??
man wish i had a dollar every time someone has asked me that JUST in the past week...

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Install another copy of Windows on a partition of the HD, when done, just pull all the files off the old Install and then delete the partition and redistribute the space to your new partition.
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