Las Vegas Niketown

Jan 17, 2006
well they told me to post in this forum...anyway will the black/caro Vs be releasing in vegas? thanks in advance!!
Call 'em.....(702)650-8888. EVERYONE in Vegas knows that Niketown has all the newest releases , so it's most people's first/ last resort. If you're going to try Niketown.....Make sure you get there very, very early. Check in with the Niketown phone jockies regularly for updates,too.....but I never get my shoes from there, because all Vegas shoeheads end up there. EXAMPLE: I went there Fri. morning For the DMP's and people 50 people were already there for the midnight release. Luckily, I hopped 3rd in line at the Meadows mall & copped my size. Hope my information was helpful.

Good Luck!
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hey thanks for that help man i appreciate it!! how about other stores like Laced or Suite 160 i think that what its called?? will they be getting this release??
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