Las Vegas Nters I need some help, Reward included.

Sep 19, 2004
So, I ordered a t-shirt from on June 12th. I picked priority mail and have yet to get the shirt. I have sent numerous emails and voice mails, I got one response saying the shirt was sold out.

So, I sent them another email telling them that they have already taken the money out of my account. Their policy is that they don't take money out until it has shipped. Since I called back asking for a refund or exchange that have stopped all communication with me.

They don't even answer the phone. I was wondering if a NTer would be willing to go to their store. Here is the address.

4700 S. Maryland Pkwy #2
Las Vegas, NV

Please hit me up at if you are able to help I will give some sort of reward if you can help me out.

Contact Aim: Karkouki
Yo mane, you gonna havta try calling them and call your bank to file a claim. Hiphopsite is closing down it's mailorder processing. You probably were in the middle of all that while your order was pending. Call them is the best thing I can come up with and notify your bank.
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