Oct 1, 2008
Has anyone here had lasik surgery and has it helped ? about how much does it cost for each eye?i have heard that some peoples vision gets worsesometimes,ive also heard that once you get lasik that you have to keep going back a lot for follow ups.can anybody give me some info on this topic?
I heard that at nighttime stop lights will %+!@ it up or it'll be different without havin Lasik. Blurry-wise.

I asked my doctor if I should get Lasik but she said if I do since I'm near sighted, that I will end up sacrificing my close vision forcin me to read withGLASSES by the time I'm 40. I thought Lasik was a long term cure...but unless someone could prove her wrong I'll reconsider.
I would just consult a dr. It has it advantages but it is unlikely that it will last you forever.
My girlfriend used to be blind as a bat but she got Lasik back in November and has 20/20 now. She's only been back for one check-up. There are SOME caseswhere you shouldn't, like if you have an astigmatism, like myself, then it won't fix that because you're eyeball is just misshapen.
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Las Vegas must be hell at night for someone with lasik
i hear that it's best to wait until you're at least 40.

my eyes are majorly messed up and get much worse each time i go in for checkups, but i'm just gonna wait it out before i pursue surgery.

hell, i may never get the surgery. i think my glasses look pretty snazzy..
my vision actually has been getting worse since i began wearing glasses about 5 or 6 years ago in 4th grade.

But one of my teachers got eye surgery so he wouldn't need glasses, he has to go get a monthly check up and if he gets hit in the eye or any noticeablecontact, you have to go to the doctor or you might get blind from that eye
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