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Does anyone have experience with trying to get last minute flights for a really, really good price? For instance, I decide that I want to go to Hawaii tonight.How would I go about trying to jump on a not full flight for a substantially reduced rate?

I know this is possible and done by some. Does anyone have any info? Any response would be appreciated.
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Call the airline directly. Expedia and these other online sites have a time limit as to how close to the departure time you can buy them. Expedia won't letyou buy them if the flight is less than 6 hours away.

Sometimes you'll get good rates, sometimes you wont. My mom and grandma had to leave to my great aunt's funeral. I managed to buy tickets to Mexico forabout $375 just a few hours before the flight was suppose to leave. (for my mom). Then when I went to buy my grandma's ticket a few minutes later, itwouldn't let me. I called up Delta and got her ticket for $275, they didn't have a senior citizen discount either so my grandma ended up spending $100less for her ticket.
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priceline has a service called name your own price... its good cause you can get good deals, but the only thing is that your flight is anywhere between 6amand 10pm. its a great option if you wanna go last minute and have nowhere to be.. if you gotta be somewhere at 5pm though, its a big risk. the only way youcan guarantee youll make your time if you have one is if you go a day in advance. you wont get your flight times til your billed, so you cant back out ifyoure unhappy. definitely an option though for the last minute.
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