last supper tattoo

Apr 7, 2008
I just saw this, and honestly my jaw DROPPED

Ive always preferred black and white tattoos, and been thinkin for the longest time about what I would get because i dont want to be that dude with a bunch ofrandom stuff.

but I saw this and Im like "I got to do this". I realize yall might not all like it, but to me simplicity is beautiful, and its still detailed at thesame time

I didnt post this in the other threads cuz its not my tattoo or nothing, but Id wanna get this on my left forearm later. opinions? (not that im seekin approval

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artwork could be a bit better but overall its
and I think the placement of it adds to it as well
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I don't get it, what makes it a super tattoo?
no, no, no
supper as in the meal dawg. lol.
lol, I didnt catch the mistake on his part, I just thought he meant super

I would wanna get the same thing but on my left arm. It wouldnt be in the real near future though, maybe in a year or so.

I just know I want all my stuff planned out. Im feelin this, and Ive known for the longest time I want africa over my heart area
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isnt getting a tattoo technically a sin
I know it is for Jews, and possibly some forms of Christianity

but I know for a fact that its not a sin in the Danish Protestant Church. No need to facepalm at me, my friend.
You better wear a sleeve on that arm before you fap.. cuz the aftermath would be a guilt trip. FTL!
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