last thing you copy/pasted...vol.haven't done this in a while

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Bowman’s capsule of the kidney, why is the colloidal pressure 0?

i have a physiology test tmrw
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As always, the running log of updates can be found on the Michigan Football Recruiting Board. The technology is acting wonky, so make sure you log in on that page to see the most recent version.


AR QB Kiehl Frazier (pictured at right) has an outstanding website on which he claims a Michigan offer. He also reports offers from the likes of Auburn, Florida, Notre Dame, West Virginia, and Texas Tech, to go along with interest from Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Ohio State. Basically what I'm trying to say is this guy will be a heavily, heavily recruited guy. The site also features a highlight video, in which he looks like a Black Righty Tebow. Michigan is often one of the schools he mentions first among his scholarship offers:

"I have 22 offers," Frazier said. "They are coming from everywhere. LSU, Arkansas, Florida, UCLA, Michigan, Nebraska -- there are just too many to try and name.
He says he wants to play in a pro-style offense to prepare him for the next level, but is open to playing in a spread.

A likely-irrelevant note on FL TE Nick O'Leary. The kid's also a star lacrosse player in high school (and it should come as no surprise that I like this). Of course, it's highly unlikely Michigan lands him for a number of reasons. He has options like Ohio State (where his grandfather, Jack Nicklaus, might have played golf or something) for football and national powers like Maryland and Cornell for lacrosse.

AZ OL Andre Yruretagoyena has received an offer to play in the Under Armour All-American Game, further evidence (on top of his recent USC offer) that his recruitment is blowing up. His former teammates Craig Roh and Taylor Lewan both played in the game two years ago.

"If you watch his highlight tape, he is nasty on the field," Chaparral coach Charlie Ragle said. "He dominates. He can run. He's fast and he's nasty."
Michigan has the advantage of a couple former Firebirds on the roster (and for Craig Roh, excelling as a freshman starter).

OH DT Kevin Williams will make his college decision in the first week of May.

"I leave [Monday] for Wisconsin," Williams said. "I'll be there until Wednesday. I'll watch spring practice. I'm thinking about visiting Illinois later this week. I'll either do that or visit Michigan State on Thursday or Friday."
Williams also plans to attend Nebraska's spring game on April 17. "I'll be there for three days," Williams said. "And I might show up at Michigan one more time."

If he takes the bonus visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan would be considered the team to beat. Otherwise, it's a Nebraska-Michigan battle.

MD DT Darian Cooper has received an offer from Michigan, he tells Tom. He also has a friend with Michigan ties, potentially giving the Wolverines a boost. His junior highlight video:


MI DE Brennen Beyer has long been considered something of a Michigan lean, and Sam Webb gives him double coverage on GBW, talking to his coach:

“He has got a motor that does not quit. He just keeps on coming at you. He has got great arm length. He’s really worked on his explosiveness in the weight room with power cleans and the parallel squat and all the stuff we do in the weight room. Probably his greatest thing is his quickness and his motor.
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The National Council of Welfare (NCW) is a Canadian arm's length advisory body to the federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development on matters of concern to low-income Canadians.
Its mandate is to advise the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development in respect of any matters relating to social development that the Minister may refer to the Council for its consideration or that the Council considers appropriate.

studying for canadian politics exam SMH

b smooth 202

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Even stores out here in the Bay Area are failing and it's one of the meccas for hypebeasts.


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Well lets see,maybe we'll all be surprised

I copied this like 2 hours agoto post on a thread on NT
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failed to boot

im at work and thats what i normally have to put when a product doesnt work ...
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    /// Writes the CharacterNPC data    /// </summary>    [ContentTypeWriter]    public class CharacterNPCWriter : CFocal<CharacterNPC>    {        CharacterBaseWriter charBaseWriter = null;        protected override void Initialize(ContentCompiler compiler)        {            charBaseWriter = compiler.GetTypeWriter(typeof(CharacterBase))                as CharacterBaseWriter;            base.Initialize(compiler);        }        protected override void Write(ContentWriter output, CharacterNPC value)        {            // Write the basic character object            output.WriteRawObject<CharacterBase>(value as CharacterBase, charBaseWriter);            // Write the NPC specific information            output.Write(value.Moves);            output.Write(value.MaxRadius);            output.WriteObject<List<DialogData>>(value.DialogText);            output.WriteObject<List<Point>>(value.RestrictedPositions);            output.Write(value.IsMerchant);        }    }}
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Float into my arms

Lol I was embracing somebody on another forum into the based world.. #BASED
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THe "Cliffs" from the stolen Scottie Pippen story

And for those of you who don't like to read, here's the abbreviated version:
Went to my boy's nighclub.

Invited 2 females to hang with for me and my boy.

Pippen shows up and is beasting on every decent chick in the club.

Pippen puts ALL of his attention on the 2 chicks me and my boy were supposed to hang with.

Spent half the night with Pippen mugging me and waiting for me to walk away from ol' girl.

Shook his hand and told them 2 to have fun.

Pippen won.
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