LAX Transportation Question! PLEASE HELP!

Nov 26, 2004
hello NT SoCal heads.
I recently moved down here for school and planning on going back during thanksgivings.

Quick question about the transportation in LA.
I live in WEST LA and know that I can take the BIG BLUE RAPID 3 to get to LAX, but are there any other options? I don't want to take forever to get to the airport.

If any one can help me with info, such as door to door shuttle service, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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you can always call supershuttle (google them) or taxi but thats probably gonna cost you an arm and a leg. there is also flyaway, also a bus service, i took it from lax to burbank when i came back from vegas and it wasnt too bad even around traffic times but yea you can always call the bus service and tell when you fly and they can give you suggestions, but supershuttle or bus will probably be the same time especially with traffic, depending on when you leave and your flight.
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If you look at the LAX website there's a ground transportation link with different options of getting to and from the airport. It also has direct links to different services like the shuttle vans where you can get quoted rates also.

I'd trust those the most unless someone else has had personal experience with other companies. This is the direct link to the different types of ground transportation at LAX: Luck!
Thank you very much for the help! really appreciate it. I'm about to go check them out!
Make today the tomorrow you dreamed of yesterday
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