LC: AJ XVI - White/Metallic Navy

Joined Jan 9, 2005

I'm almost sure these are fake.
The colors don't match the released colorway (should have blue upper instead of white).
The 6 digits above the barcode on the shoetag (which usually represent a date) don't make sense.

Am I right?

Joined Mar 8, 2009
you're partially right. it dorsn't match a "released" colorway, but it does match a sample

hard to tell if they are legit though. being a sample, if they are, i don't see much info on them. oh, fyi, the numbers over the barcode is the productionnumber
Joined May 9, 2008
more pics are definitely needed.

the date touches the barcode but idk if they are legit with those pics
Joined Jul 7, 2008
From what i see on the tag, they could possibly be samples, the materials do look a lil bit different, but that could jus be because they samples. Imo theylook like legit samples.
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