LC check Breds

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My bad these legit took to fast of a look and moved on to next thread
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Are this DS? They stretching could be because they've worn a few times.
Anyways looks legit to me.
Joined May 29, 2013
Fake the 23 on the heel is stretched out
Man quit doin LC every single one you have commented on you say fake cause the 23 is stretched what else tells you they are fake please tell me.

Fam these are legit.

1. 23 is probably slightly stretched because they have been worn lightly.

2. Carbon fiber is real there are no fake retro 11s with real carbon fiber.

3. Heel points are good on midsole and outer sole.

4. Tongue tag is in third lace slot.

5. Laces are nice and thick.

6. Jumpman on bottom of shoe is slightly tilted forward on fakes they are straight up and down.

IMO 100% legit.
Joined Dec 30, 2012
Lol, I saw all his post about the stretching and thought it was funny. Thanks shoe game nutz and others for your posts.
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