LC LBJ VIII South Beach

Joined Sep 12, 2011
Just watched this vid for a few minutes before I came on here 

From what I remember on the video, the real ones don't have a price tag on the box, the soles are supposed to have a tint, etc. Sorry, but I think they're fake 
Joined Feb 1, 2010
^Huh? What are you talking about price tag? You mean the name tag of the person selling them? And the soles do have a tint.

They look pretty good to me. Mine came with the little size tag inside the shoes, a DS pair should have black laces originally in them with pink laces attached, size tag on the shoe box looks legit, and the quality of the shoes look on point.
Joined May 6, 2011
Legit, dont listen to dude^^

Elephant print, white flywire, witness tag on insole is in the right spot, the inside of the 360 air matches the soles, clear outline around swoosh. the tag on the box has a perforated edge where the price was.
Joined Jul 13, 2008
Thanx guys, even woahbryce for trying to help.

I had a pretty good idea of if they were legit or not, just wanted to confirm it.
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