LC: legend blue 11s GS

Joined Jan 20, 2015
I got my girl Legend blue 6y last holiday. GS is weird....Its not as clean as men size and the box is normal unlike the normal box we get from the 11's excluding the breds. The laces for gs is thin and its bluer in the sole and the 23 is diagonally longer.. Id say that is legit just based on my ocular observation. Far as i know, ppol rarely make fakes for GS and if they do they are not as good as a replica like we are getting from breds. I got a fake bread that is so close to legit that its mind bogling...90% of me sez its LEGIT
Joined Jul 7, 2015
Omg!!! helped me so much. .i was worried that my GS were fake. ..and seeing Indonesia didn't help. ...I feel better now. ..this is a great site
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