LC on Jordan XI Concords 2011 release

Joined Jun 26, 2013
I just cop this today and paid 3 Benjamin's, they better be the ones i hoped for. i tried to attached as much pic's as possible.

thank you in advance
Joined Nov 28, 2012
Color of the sole tint looks off and they should have started to yellow around the pods by now even if they are DS
Joined Jun 26, 2013
What did you find is "off" from the back? When i compare this shoe's quality to my XI breds they look similar quality wise, might be my iphone camera but when i look at em everything lines up, except for the icey sole you mentioned. I'll try to take another set of pics.
Joined Dec 30, 2012
I've gone through this enough times now. No yellowing at all around the pods, grey markets..
Joined Jun 26, 2013
I guess Im fine with them as grey markets authentic materials still been used on this pairs. I see other's with yellowing wrapping them up with plastic to slow down the yellowing while on this ones i wouldn't have to worry about it ti'll i wear em ofcoures


Joined Jan 19, 2013
Gm pair chalk the $3 bills up to the game throw these away cuz in 5 seconds they will self destruct lol
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