LC on OG Air Jordan IV

They're def beaters but 100% Legit.
My first pair of J's.

JB ruined the Retro by putting that lame !#$ Mars stamp on them. Still haven't copped.
im not good with OG IV's but according to what I heard, theres suppose to be a hump on the back, and grey on the toes. I dont think it should be leather onthe toe box, it should be nubuck. And the grey on the bottom shouldnt be to dark. I could be wrong. If they are legit they're clean as hell.
Value is in the eye of the beholder. I personally wouldnt take those is they were free. I dont have the room for crap im not going to wear.

If you look at those the wrong way, they'll crumble into dust.

croatianstyle has been trying to sell a DS pair forever now for $2K. Unless someone completely insane comes along, fat chance.

$240? I guess....if you want them.
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I'll just use this thread so I don't have to make a new one.







stay away
they dont have the grey nubuck on the toe
they dont have the bump on the back
and no matter how well they were kept the midsole should be showing signs of aging like yellowing
and to the guy that said kid sizes, kid size aj IVs have a different midsole, almost like the air jordan III, the triangle shape isnt present
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