LC/PC on XX3 Chris Paul PE

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[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]sorry, only one photo[/font]
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i think those are fakes, mainly because of the toe cap. the signatures on the toe area look like rainbow colors, similar to those found in fake XX3 black stealths.
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Yeah, it's hard to be 100% certain based on that one poor quality pic, but they do look fake
As said above, the signature part on the toe-box doesn't look right (rainbow effect) & neither does the stitching on the side panel just above the midsole.
Also, the XX3 box should have MJ's signature on the inside

Compare to the real pair...
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When buying a shoe like that remember to ask for tagged + dated pictures ..
hand written tag .. and many more pics .. but those are fakes
Joined May 21, 2009
^state reasons, but just by comparing the pics its def. fake. shoe looks way off from the real ones posted. even with a the quality of the pic being poor the shoe itself is still poor. patterns on the side of the shoe is off. toe box is off. colors is off as well.
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