LC&PC on Yeezy 1 Zen grey

Joined Apr 25, 2013
Hi guys i need your help, are these yeezy 1's Zen greys legit??

im not a yeezy expert so pls help

guy selling it for $240 its used is it a good price??

Thanks guys!
Joined Feb 8, 2011
legit. edited. didn't see that you said it was selling for 240.

damb 240 is a steal :nerd: that crease looks horrible dude mustve bought it too big for em :lol: :smh: looks like it can be easily fixed and cleaned though. i would hop on those with the quickness for 240.
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Joined Nov 19, 2013
If you still have these I have cash in hand. I'm new to niketalk and I don't know how to purchase off people so if you can give me some pointers on how to find good deals and to buy it would be great. Thank you and I'm interested in buying
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