LC/PC Retro 3 TB and 23's UNC

Joined Feb 26, 2010
Okay by now you may have noticed that I LC alot of shoes.It's because I buy alot of shoes.If I legit check it on here I plan on buying it or trying.Anyways i got two pair this time to check.Air Jordan Retro 3 True Blues and Air Jordan 23 UNC's.The TB's shoe box got wet I think but the shoes are good and the 23's have been worn a few times(Don't know how many).So your thoughts now.
Joined May 1, 2008
23's are Legit

3's are Fake ..
Cement print is wrong
Box is halve way smashed up
Box label is wrong
True Blue color it's self is wrong
Joined Oct 18, 2009
3s are fake.
they dont come with the jumpman chain
boxtag wrong
colors are off
and what windycity58 said

23's legit
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