Lebron IV China Edition

Dec 11, 2006
Just wanted to say wassup and ask anyone on here if they bought the Lebron 4 China Editions? If you guys bought them did they come in the wooden red box in the Philippines? I just had my cousin cop them at the GreenBelt Nike store and he told me they just came in a regular box. Let me know wassup cuz I sent the money already and I'm kinda disapointed about it coming in a regular box. I've been looking at websites and on Ebay and the ones they are selling are in a wooden red box... anyways Thanks... peace
I got mine from the same Greenbelt store, and mine DID come with the wooden box. It wouldn't make sense for it not to, since that's part of what makes the package unique other than the colorway. Also, the advertisement for the package specifically mentions the box. Here's the text taken from Kingcrux31's original post in the Nike Park thread:

Limited Edition Nike LeBron IV China Colorway to hit the Philippines!
Only 75 pairs will be available in the country on December 9

For all you LeBron heads, Nikes got a treat for you. This December 9, 2006, Nike hails the King once again with the exclusive release of 75 pairs of the limited edition LeBron IV China colorway only at Nike Park Greenbelt 3.

Theres no doubt that LeBron James is the new king of the hard court, and this generations king needs footwear that is more heroic and revolutionary than anything before and the Air Zoom LeBron IV answers that need - kicks that allow him to ignite and take control.

The limited edition Air Zoom LeBron IV China colorway takes inspiration from the Forbidden City. Colored in the hue of red and gold, with red being the auspicious color for the Chinese symbolizing luck and celebration, these exclusive China edition kicks will be contained in an exquisite Chinese imperial gate inspired box with elaborate design inspired from the Qianmen, otherwise known as the Front Gate of the Forbidden City, traditionally modeled to protect the Chinese imperial king. And in this case, the elaborate box serves as a symbol of full protection for King James in the hard court depicting the Imperial Palace doors with 81 studs to symbolize the highest honor for Imperial posts graded on the Ninth order. The Imperial Lion knockers act as the lock that seals the significance and majesty of the shoe. These kicks can explode from Beijing to any court in the world truly a collectors item for all LBJ fans.

The Nike Air Zoom LeBron IV is equipped with innovation that meets the new generation athlete.

The high performance technology collides with minimalist design borne from the collaboration with the King himself. The masterpiece is a strikingly original composition of flexible, breathable Foamposite material that comforts and protects the athlete so he can unleash his creative fury with devastating effects.

The Foamposite technology provides an integrated upper and midsole for seamless comfort and support, while the full-length Zoom Air unit in the midsole was added for the ultimate responsive ride. A clear outsole with solid rubber herringbone pods provides excellent on-court traction.

The 75 pairs of the Air Zoom LeBron IV China colorway will start selling at 12NN for PHP 11,595, only at Nike Park Greenbelt 3 on December 9, 2006. Mark your calendars!

For more information log on to www.nike.ph.

I don't know how tight you are with your cousin, but something doesn't sound right, bro. The positive outlook would say that maybe someone at the store or Nike Phil. screwed up, but my hookup said all of them came with the whole package cause she searched through them for a good pair for me. Mine came with: thin outer brown box with red printed "lion" logo, red/gold-studded wooden box, black nylon drawstring shoe bag, two large silica packets, and one 5-inch long fabric cylinder "deodorizer".

Good luck getting it sorted out. You should get your money's worth.
it comes with the wooden box but there is a cheap cardboard box encasing the whole thing,2 boxes in all.one cheap cardboard box with the lion head printed on it,then the red wooden box holding the shoes on the inside,hope im not too confusing
Thanks for responding. I think my cousin is just messin around with me then, trying to get me all dissapointed and then hyped when I recieve it here in the states. Thanks for all the input. I'm going to talk Sh*t to him now!
^ You know that they're already fakes of the China's right? You can see them on eBay with a funny looking shape.
FOR SALEdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
do u knw if some of the lebron china will hit cebu? cuz i have to hit mah bro. up to copp these since i didn't get it here in states...let me knw...thanx
Does anyone know someone who is selling the LeBron IV China edition box by itself? Thx
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