Lebron IV: Sore feet after balling in or just adjusting to new shoe

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I balled in the IVs for the second time last week and had soreness on the sides of my ankles.  I used them for the first time this past fall and sprained my right foot cause I think they were too loose.  So I doubled up on socks this time around....  Its like there was a physical pain in my foot, im not sure if maybe there was a panel or something on the inner shoe sticking out past the tongue that shouldve been covered or what.  Anyways, do you guys recommend balling in these?  Maybe the size just isnt right for me..  How do you compare these to his older releases? 

crazy ebw

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Can't recommend balling in these. The weight is too much of an issue for me personally. There's way better options out there right now that would be better IMO.

Did you play in no shows socks or something?
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The first pair was a no shoe, but the outermost one definitely came above the shoe..  I'll try again and see whats up.  Thanks
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I played balled in these outdoors and i remember that they did give me this sore feeling on the bottom of my feet but trust me after some time of wearing them you will not feel anything.
So yeah it has to do with adjusting to the shoe and breaking them in.
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My FAVORITE Balling shoe!!!! I've actually purchased 2 other pairs. I still check ebay for any in my size. Once you break them in, they're tanks (they feel secure). Some peeps say they're heavy but I don't agree. I feel like it has a ton of support.
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have the nike air zoom lebron 3's.never tried 4's but have seened people balling in them.
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Overrated from my perspective.

It was decent, but it's Nike and a Lebron sig. shoe, so people give it better reviews than it deserves.

I much preferred the Lebron II's and Lebron II Lows.
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Loved the IIs but they were just decent in the performance department, IMO. They were comfortable as hell though =)
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lebron 4's are like wearing ankle weights. i wouldn't recommend these shoes to any point guard in the world. worst i've ever wasted 160 bucks on
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the 4s are great shoes, one of my favs. Plenty of guards in college have worn these. hit the weight room and they wont be heavy.
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because foam doesn't actually break in but mold, it might take a couple wearings. the zoom is also loaded within the insole so they take a bit to beat up and get going. i have gone through 4 pairs of these things the past couple years and loved everyone of them. they are a bit heavy if your a lighter guard and extremely mobile, i guess it isn't as much the weight bu the overall clunkiness if your used to lower cuts and shaved weight, but the upside is they are built like tanks so you can g from indoor to out and still have pretty decent grip and durability. One of my faves simply because it kicked the door open from a design stand point and they have slowly gone more somple or gimmicky since( though I do love the 6, the 5's phyposite bucket was a cool concept, and the AM7 is a causual staple). makes me want to hunt down the b/w/r cw just to have lol. depeding on your playstyle though their is probably something better i.e. bron ps, kobe v, hyperize.
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