Lebron James future possibilites THREAD

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Post them here.

I usually dont get annoyed with redundant threads, but now i am. Every single day, what if this what if that.

Post your dream Lebron situation, dream line up, whatever dream you have that involves Lebron here.

Some people might say this is making worse, but whatever i'm trying anyway. If this fails it fails.

Even though he's staying in Cleveland, here's my dream.

He goes to the Bucks outa no where.

Lebron + Jennings
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Add some tags so this thread can be found easily. I agree we need an official thread.

big j 33

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Originally Posted by Jehlers02

Do you think its better to have one thread, or 100000 seperate ones every day?
I think it's better to have none.

Ban all Lebron to ______ or Lebron will stay or "What if Lebron..."

Anything Lebron related can be put into the Cavs season thread or into the NBA season thread, to have a thread this early seems like a waste.

Wait until he can officially opt out, then we can make a 2010 Free Agents thread.
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Because thats reasonable, if i thought that was actually possible, i wouldn't have made this thread.
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In summer 2010 lebron is getting out of americas largest dump, and going to dallas

to play football since the cowboys are his favorite team.


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The Boston Celtics won 24 games in 06-07. They signed Ray and Garnett then won 66 games the following season and won the ship.


Trey Bantz

formerly trey ohh five
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LeBron obliviously eats a piece of undercooked fried chicken and dies from a severe case of salmonella.
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Originally Posted by NYVictory45

Lebron to the Lakers for Sasha and an autograph from Magic. Do it Mitch!
This is doable, Mitch should be able to pull that off. The hardest part would be letting Sasha go. Hell of a player.
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Well if this doesn't work it doesn't work. Not trying to make it worse.
My intentions are to stop 100 threads when there could be one.
To have none is just not likely
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