LEBRON VS. KOBE : A Comparison

Aug 1, 2006
After watching Game 3 of the 07 Finals, one thought came to my mind---Lebron is better than Kobe. Yes, they're on their way on being beat by the Spurs, but you've got to admire Lebron for being the classy player that he is and his maturity level is far beyond Kobe's.

The cold hard fact is that Kobe is a quitter who bails on his team and publicly saying he wants to be traded. Then taking back his statement after a few hours. What a jerk. No one would like to hear that from your so called "leader" of the team. Kobe probably has the best skill set out there and the "killer instinct"---INDIVIDUALLY. But Lebron is the best player out there---AS A TRUE BASKETBALL PLAYER.

Talking about the killer instinct LeBron does or does not have obscures what makes him so great -- his understanding of the game. There's no question LeBron wants the last shot in games, and there's no question he is the man the Cavs look to for that shot. But the reason LeBron is who he is, a star so big I can hardly recall anyone referring to him by his last name, is that he's more concerned with the Cavs' taking the best shot, even if it doesn't roll off his fingers

Lebron trusts his teammates very much that he gets criticized for passing for a wide open shot. Why criticize Lebron when all the negative BS has been made by Kobe from the get go? He can't and never win a championship without Shaq. Remember that Shaq, not Kobe's killer instinct attitude, got him them rings.Lebron's team just needs a few pieces and they will get a one soon.

Tell me your thoughts guys.

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