Lebron X Brown Suede Legit Check

Joined Jun 4, 2013
Hi guys!

Have seen this pair of Lebron X Brown Suede on eBay and I'm thinking about buying them.

But I'd like to make sure first that they're authentic ones. ;-)

Can you guys check the following link and tell me what you think about it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-NIKE-L...0150147084&hash=item2c6e1d7192#ht_6833wt_1090

To me, it's difficult to say. The pictures look so professionnal (so it just seems they took the pictures from Google) and seller is Chinese (without being racist, it doesn't really make me feel confident about the shoes legit....).

BTW, the seller is named PRC kicks and apparently it's quite a big seller on eBay. Any feedbacks/experiences about/with this seller?

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks my dudes!
Joined Mar 18, 2012
it's stolen pairs straight from factory that's why come without original box, my advice is just wait for the release day i'm sure these can cop more easy than lebron cork. don't pay the rape price yet
Joined Jun 4, 2013
Ok thanks for feedbacks!

I think it's more reasonable to wait for the release , should be July 6th in Europe.

Hope there won't be so much fakes after the release... Have you guys checked eBay? it's full of fakes (mainly JB fakes)! 

That sucks!
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