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@KicksEnvy on IG REVIEW of the LEBRON XI



 LBJXI Armory Slate - has to be the lightest LBJ shoe todate (15oz. per shoe) 

Here we also see the insole with Lebron printed on in Mint

Nike's Luneron technology is present in the XI with Full-Length Nike Zoom in the pullout insole (insole thickness at the heel is 1 inch narrowing down to 1/4 inch)

Here we get a chance to see the Full-Length Zoom built into the insole underside

Mint Green bottom soles with what seems to be a hyperflight like material in the midsole, engraved is LBJ's signature in red. In the heel and front of the outsole are translucent cutouts which can be seen straight through. Also the LJ logo on the lace tips can be seen.

Here is a better shot of one of the translucent cutouts where we can clearly see the @kicksenvy  logo on the other side *insole has been removed in this picture

A nice upclose shot of the tongue is shown here. We can see the embossed design along with a red tab where this series XI is sewn in.

Of course we have to show the classic Swoosh with the etched in design that wraps it. We can also see the flywire lace holes and trust that all that mesh like material is see through for ultimate breathability.

Nice shot of Nike's new Armorposite material and the chameleon color application on the XI. You can get a glimpse too of more flywire.

[font=proxima-nova, Helvetica Neue, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I hope you enjoyed this detailed review. I had not seen one so I figured why not. Feel free to leave feedbac and check me out at [/font]http://instagram.com/kicksenvy

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This doesn't deserve its own post.  You're welcome to post pictures and a review in the LeBron XI thread, but creating spam posts to promote your website is not acceptable. 
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