Legend Blue 11s L/C

Joined Jan 17, 2015
Sometimes in the pictures the sole looks more blue , but sometime it is just like icy the seller keep saying its real 
Joined Jan 9, 2015
Looks fake box is beat, can u get pics of both the 23 and the tag in the middle of tongue
Joined Apr 10, 2015
It's hard to say with these pictures, but the sole color seems a little off. More CLEARER photos are needed though.
Joined Feb 21, 2014
Like everyone else has already stated you are going to need a lot clearer pictures, especially of the soles. Something that looks strange is the size 9.5 on the box font looks sorta thin.
Joined Jan 6, 2014
100% fake. The box is a dead giveaway. 23 on the top of the box looks flat and the thing that makes it for sure is the font of the size. 9.5 shouldn't look like that. The .5 should be way smaller.
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