Legit check J11 breds

Joined May 13, 2013
Legit fam
- Correct black mesh tongues & upper
- Correct woven carbon fibers
- Black sock liners
- Correct jumpmab jordan lace tags between the third lace columns
- Correct font on the 23's
- Ball of the jumpman is perfectly aligned between the gap of the 23
- Correct translucent outsole with black traction pads & black jumpman
- Translucent toe caps
- Top lace hole is significantly lower than the top sock liners (should be)
- Midsoles come to a point when ending at the toe caps (as all 11's should)
- Correct box style # should be 378037-010
- Patent leather cuts look perfect
Joined May 3, 2013
i asked one of my friends for an LC on this and he said it was fake 'coz the jordan logo had an ***. hahahaha SMH
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