Legit Check Magista Footscape

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  1. kerraig


    Nov 25, 2015

    Hey guys so i'm new to this forum, and i need help with LCing these!

    Bought them at a steal at close to retail, met up with the buyer - he didn't seem to know that much about sneakers so i guess he wasn't aware of the going rate of these at 300-400.

    Anyway from other pictures on instagram it looks like the shape of mine is off? I've seen reviews of fakes on YouTube before and they have really **** quality leather but mine seem ok.
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  2. timmybrixxx


    Mar 25, 2013
    100% fakes..With todays market and all of the fakes when searching for "steals" 9/10 times you're just going to end up beating yourself unless you know EXACTLY what you're after..

    Legit pair..The shape alone says it all. Hope you can get your $ back man.

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