Legit check on lebron 9 big bang and china, will give a thumbs up!

Joined Mar 18, 2012
both fake

terrible shape and 2 tone colors on the bottom sole dead give away and also short tongue
Joined Feb 5, 2007
those bb's r fake FOR SURE, look at that 2 tone sole as winzz stated

bootleggahz better step up their pitiful game
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Joined May 30, 2013
Both are awful fakes.

The bangs pull tab is all bent, theres not actual padding on the inside, SHORT tongue, wrong colors, toe box... etc...

Chinas, basically everything everyone has been saying, and the lack of color on the tongues design.
Joined Jun 29, 2013
both fake don't know a whole lot about the chinas but on the bangs the tounge is too short, the sole is way off, the toe box is off, and the over-all look of the shoe is flimsy and cheap material.
Joined May 30, 2013
Quit posting on an old thread in which we've already addressed the issue at hand. This post is over a week old and we have already determined that the shoes are indeed fakes.
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