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Jul 9, 2005
You guys need to focus you attention else ware. The company that you guys all so bravely defend is TRASH they have been in trouble many times for employing 6year olds (look it up) they have about 6 dollars in each pair of shoes so lets say they spend 15 dollars to make the shoes that you jackarsses stand in lineover night to pay 500 for. You are defending trash i guess that makes you all trash as well. There are people in this country starving, there are mothersmorning the loss of there sons and daughters because of a war. There are woman getting beat. There are Kids getting beat and abused. There are teacherssleeping with students. Mothers doing Crack with there unborn child inside them. And you people get upset about a few photo shop pics. How do you people sleepat night knowing that a 6 year old made the shoes you are going to put on your feet in the morning. Nike has made billions off of people to stupid to see thebigger picture. They have never ever produced anything in the states all of them come from another country. why? well because in America we wont let them hire6 year olds. so they cant make a 600% profit. Ever buy a car did you argue with the salesman about how much you were going to pay. The mark up on a new car isabout 1.0% of the the sale price. The mark up on Nike shoes is about 600% of cost. The only scaming going on starts in Oregon and ends on your feet. kick meout of Nike talk i dont give a shlt hopefully at lease one of you that gets to read this opens his eyes. LBASS215
Wow, you got some good points there. However, I don't think this is the venue to air your sentiments about the issue at hand.
When the Nike campaign began in 1996, Nike was not even paying their Indonesian workers the minimum wage. In fact, all the shoe companies doing business inIndonesia would petition the government year after year for an exception from paying the minimum wage on the grounds that it would be a "hardship"for the factories to pay it. And this was a wage that, according to the Indonesian government itself, covered only 70% of the basic needs of one person!

Another problem was that several factories in Indonesia and Vietnam would pay new workers an apprentice wage that was below minimum wage, justifying this onthe grounds that the women needed several months to learn the job. But most of the time, the women would get a few hours training and be put right on theassembly line. The apprentice wage was merely a pretext for cheating workers.

By 1997, Nike was shamed into telling its Indonesian contractors to stop asking for exemptions to the minimum wage and to stop paying apprentice wages. But thecompany still does not require its contractors to pay workers a living wage. In April 1999 when the Indonesian government announced that it was increasing theminimum wage to 231,000 rupiah/month ($26US), Nike for the first time announced that it would raise wages for its Indonesian factory workers higher than thelegally required minimum,. Their new wage was a minimum cash wage of 265,000 ($30US) and a bonus package that adds up to 332,000($37.50US).............................................................................................................

While this is certainly a step forward, the wages are still a far cry from a living wage. An Indonesian wage study released by Global Exchange shows that332,000 rupiah/month ($37.50US) is needed to cover the basic needs of one person. A living wage, which is a wage that helps cover the needs of a family, notjust one worker, would be twice this figure, or 664,000 rupiah/month ($75US)..................................................................

Moreover, Vietnamese and Chinese workers still get poverty wages. In all three countries, $4 a day would be considered a decent wage. Nike, a company with $8.7billion in revenue in 1998 that sells its shoes for $150, can well afford to pay its workers such a meager sum.
First of all, in 1997, US$1 is NOT approximately equal to 8,000 Rupiah.
It's true that Nike has a huge contribution margin, but I don't think they underpaid their workers in Indonesia.
This article comes from a man who attempted a scam?

Read my screen name, that's the source.

BTW, post pictures if you want a legit check.
lol this is what this idiot is doing on a Saturday night? lol have fun with this one guys, I'm going out.

and obviously Indohan he didn't really want a legit check he just wanted people to come in to read his stupid thread.
Indohan 1 us dollar is worth 10629 Rupiah today please tell me how you know what it was in 1997 ?
What fn scam did i attempt ? Some ja$$ broke into my house and stole every thing i own. My brother gave me a few shoes from his collection to get some cash toget back on my feet. My Brother is a Quality inspector at the Jucntion City Kansas Footlocker 3210 S US Highway 77, Junction City - (785) 762-3268 IFFOOTLOCKER SHIPS FAKES THEN YES I AM SCAMING PEOPLE. You are assuming that i am scaming because of some pics. and go to you tube and watch the ESPN report onNIKE sweat shops stop posting on things you no nothing about.
you are exactly the person i am talking to. Im 34 years old man i dont go out. I have a family i have a job i dont spend mommys money on Jordans. You call mean Idiot for trying to point out the shltty company that you would all take a bullet for. I had one guy tell me to slit my wrist cuz of my pics what the f iswrong with you guys. you all need a slap in the face and a kick in the a$#, This i would do for free email for instructions to my house.
Originally Posted by lbass215

Indohan 1 us dollar is worth 10629 Rupiah today please tell me how you know what it was in 1997 ?
What fn scam did i attempt ? Some ja$$ broke into my house and stole every thing i own. My brother gave me a few shoes from his collection to get some cash to get back on my feet. My Brother is a Quality inspector at the Jucntion City Kansas Footlocker 3210 S US Highway 77, Junction City - (785) 762-3268 IF FOOTLOCKER SHIPS FAKES THEN YES I AM SCAMING PEOPLE. You are assuming that i am scaming because of some pics. and go to you tube and watch the ESPN report on NIKE sweat shops stop posting on things you no nothing about.
1. I'm an Indonesian and hold an Indonesian green passport. Need me to elaborate more?
I will take a picture of my passport and post it here if you want me to embarrass you.

2. Yeah, you can tell all the stories about how you purchased the pairs but that's not going to prove that you have the legit pairs in your possession.
What's the point of having the pictures tagged with your ID if the pictures are photo shopped?
I won't conclude that you were trying to scam the buyer if you provide consistent photoshopped pictures.
BUT sadly, one of those many pictures are NOT photoshopped and they are fakes.
34 years old? Your spelling and grammar tell me one of two things... you're substantially uneducated or you're lying about your age. Your points areirrelevant and frankly, no one cares to hear your weak attempt at thought process. We've also determinded that you like to use photoshop to add your nameto stolen pics. You've also successfully learned how to use copy-paste when googling "nike" and "indonesian currency exchange rates."Congratulations but we're smarter than you. You won't win any arguements in here and we would all be much obliged if you would just leave.
sampai jumpa
i was thinking the same thing as far as the grammar goes, but i have no idea what all the talk about photoshopped pics is about (fill me in?)

this was interesting to read though.
wait wait wait, so all this started over some un-arguably photoshopped pics??
well i understand that, but what i dont understand is the point of this thread...dude is bashing jb and nike saying how we're fools for buying sneakerswhen:
1. his brother works for FTL
2. he is selling sneakers to make money b/c his house got robbed and he got cleaned out

well, if he is so opposed to jb and nike, why sell their products to make money??

aannndd, yeah that stuff is cleary copy/pasted b/c there are no gramatical errors.

smh at OP.

btw what is a POS?
I'm very interested to see his reaction after he found out that he just questioned an Indonesian on Indonesian Rupiah's exchange rate.
Looks like my screen name doesn't even give him any hint.

Thank God he knows that Indonesia is not a part of China.
Im not banned because i have not done anything wrong. I could care less if you are from Indonesia or not. If you are you should no about the soccer balls thatgot them in trouble in the 90s, since you dont let me help you out.

ESPN http://www.youtube.com/wa...0-q97m18&feature=related

If you are From Indonesia you have no idea what is going on in your own country. If you are not as old as me then you were 1-9 years old in 1997, somethingtells me a 9 year old in a poverty ridden country has no freak n idea what the exchange rate was. NICE TRY!!!!

I cant control my brother or where he works. Nike gets nothing by me selling these shoes i do so thats why i am selling them. I had no idea that You peoplespend the time and money that you do on shoes. It wasnt till i was harassed by a bunch a sneaker smelling @!#% that i learned how shltty of a company Nike was.
Arc my points are very valid you are supporting underage labor you are scum of the earth piece of trash. I could keep going but it is pointless stupid peoplewill be stupid theres no getting around it if you think it is ok to make 15 billion in sales and pay a worker 37 dollars a month you have some issues. whenyour firm goes under because our economy is trash maybe you will realize that there are more important things in Life than a silver shelf full of shoes. Youpeople voted for Hubert Humphrey, and you killed Jesus
I don't care if you could care less or not. But don't question my intelligence regarding my own damn country.
All you learn about my country is from what you read/watch on the internet.
I can assure you that US$1 is not Rp.8,000 in 1997.
You don't know Indonesians, you know nothing about us. We can live with that kind of money in 1997.
I don't believe that soccer douche. He lost 25 lbs because he used to live in a high standard of living environment.
He lives in a developed country back then, as Indonesia is still a developing country now.
Do you even have any slight idea about that?

You can assume I was 9 year old in 1997 (which I wasn't), but there's something that a 9 year old has which you don't: First hand experience.
I was there when the economy was stronger; I was there too when the '98 riot started. I was there when the exchange rate jumped from Rp.2,100 for a US$1 toRp.9,500.
I have the first hand experience on how people live there and the standard of living. You, simply, don't.
So, don't even think you know all the crap about my country from watching Youtube videos.
Bro, you're not even close to understand Indonesian's type of living. Working in a factory is not even close being one of the worst jobs in thecountry.
So, shut the hell up and bring that weak argument out of here.
To quote Shaq, "That's like Patrick Ewing having more rings than me".
That's like you trying to be more Indonesian than me.

You're selling products of a company that you against. Do you know that you're a hypocrite POS?
Nike don't get anything from the sale you made, but you're selling the product that only cost them $37 per labor. LOL. Can't you see the wholepicture there?
The product you're selling is the product of "violation of human's right". You knew it, and you're still selling the shoes? Could you beany more hypocrite than that?
Worse, you bought the shoes first hand. That means, you paid Nike for the shoes. Your buyer paid YOU, not Nike.
I feel sorry for you for having low IQ and high EQ. Balanced it well, bro.. Balanced it well..
Involving too much emotion on events that happened 12 years ago is just purely stupid.
wow you must be from a third world country, you cant read at all. My brother gave me the shoes i did not pay a dime for them. Your country sucks, thats whynike produces there plain and simple, because we wont let them employee 6 year olds. I had a 3.5 average all through high school and college, I can guaranteeall of u, I have accomplished more in college than you can ever dream of. I am a 6 time all american and a 3 time National Champion. I tried out for theOlympics, all of this can be proven with a simple google search. Im not a hypocrite because I would never pay for those fn shoes, more like Robin Hood. So thenext time you are standing in line waiting the night before that shoe comes out remember that at that excat moment some 6 year old in Indonesia was told theycould not get a bathroom break or get a drink because there were americans waiting to buy the shoes they were making, People in your county keep striking for areason it cant be as good as you make it out to be. Your probably a nike employee saying all this so nike wont loose its Reputation. Good day Mr Indonesia
"Oh, I'm so clever... Oh, I'm so talented.. Oh, I tried out for Olympics, you know?".
I don't give a damn about how did you do in school. I don't believe that BS you made up.
You don't even have any evidence that they hire 6 year old kids. All you learned was from the Internet. LOL.
Wait, you're not even in Indonesia in 1997.
Ooooooo. You thought that the strikes were about Nike underpaid their worker? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!
You're not so smart after all, huh?

Ok, so your brother paid for the shoes. Your brother paid Nike for that.
Dude, you can't even stop your brother to buy them. What makes you think you can stop others?
Worse, you only backed up your story from articles in the Internet and some YouTube videos.
That's how a 3.5 GPA works? You're a joke.
At least, a picture of their paycheck or pictures of those 6 year old while working would be nice.
Wait a second.... THEY DON'T EXISTS. Yeah, they don't pay workers by check.

Don't think this is the worst case. One of your pictures shows fake shoes.
Purchase a counterfeit product is supporting terrorism.

"Your country sucks". I don't know what this means. Does this mean you feel sorry for my country, or you hate my country?
Either way, doesn't matter. You're just one spoil brat who can't live in a bad environment.
Dude, your president has Indonesian blood. LOL.
Here's an advise, try not to put your nose in other people's business, especially when it doesn't even happen in your country.
Sticking up your nose too much already cost you: 2 World Trade Center buildings, 4 airplanes, and people's lives.
Learn from that lesson.

No, I don't work for Nike. It's true Indonesia sucks. That's why I'm in Socal now, ******.
Originally Posted by indohan

Sticking up your nose too much already cost you: 2 World Trade Center buildings, 4 airplanes, and people's lives.
Learn from that lesson.
Easy there, Indohan. It was the radical beliefs of a crazed lunatic that caused the Trade Center attack. It isn't fair to blame America forwhat happened. Our government does not embrace it's people and the people do not support their government.
I'm not blaming the U.S. government.
I'm just saying, if they want to blame someone for the disaster, they should blame themselves.
Sometimes you have to check if you have done something wrong before blaming others.
If you happened to know the reason why they attack you, I think it's wise for you to learn from that mistake, don't you think?
It's true that the mofo is the criminal who did the inhuman act. But every criminal has their own reason.
People sell "violation of human rights" products because their houses were robbed.
I stabbed you with a knife because you slept with my wife. Nonetheless, I'm still the criminal.. But you provoked me first, it's that simple.
I hope you get my point here, Architect.
NikeTalk is an independent website with no loyalty to Nike, Inc. We created the site for others who enjoyed sport culture, not because we approve of howcompanies like Nike run their businesses.

If you'd like to discuss this subject, you're welcome to do so - in the appropriate forum and with respect for your fellow users. Instead, you createda misleading topic, you've been disrespectful, and, worse than that, you've betrayed your own cause with what can only be described as condescending,offensive comments concerning the very countries you feel Nike has exploited.

"your country sucks?" Seriously? Grow up. You're not doing anyone any favors with that garbage.
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